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Replicating Data Sources



Replicate Data Sources allows a user to easily connect multiple data sources that have an identical data structure.  After the data sources have been connected, the user can then add fields or tables, and these changes will be incorporated across all of the data sources that have been enabled as a template data source.

Enabling Replicate Data Sources

  1. To enable Replicate Data Sources, the user must first go down to the Data Source section at the bottom of the Data tab, right click on Data Sources,  and add the initial data source to be used as a template.

    For this example a SQL data source will be added.

    Since all of the data sources will have a similar data structure it does not matter which one is added first.
  2. Configure the data source as needed.

    Once the initial data source has been configured, right click on the data source name and click Add SQL Server Data Source.

    When adding data sources other than SQL it will display that data source type instead of SQL Server (i.e., Add ODBC Data Source, Add Dynamics NAV Adapter, etc.)
  3. Configure this second data source with the needed parameters.  This additional data source will then appear under the original data source in an Additional Connections folder.

  4. When tables and fields are added to the original data source, these changes will automatically be propagated to all of the data sources that are configured under the Additional Connections folder as well.

Below is the result of adding the table and fields shown above to the HAB data source with the records from the GAB data source being brought in automatically.


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