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Error: Error during execution of package for JetNavStage_Currency Exchange Rate


During the execution of the Currency Exchange Rate table, you encounter the following error:

"Error during execution of package for JetNavStage_Currency Exchange Rate"


The cause of this error is that the Relational Exch. Rate Amount field in Dynamics NAV's Currency Exchange Rate table is equal to zero (0).  By default, NAV will not allow you to enter a zero in this field, but you can do so directly in SQL or programmatically.


  1. Open the Jet Data Manager and open the project.

  2. Navigate to the Data Sources node and expand your NAV data source.  Locate the Currency Exchange Rate table.

  3. Right click the table and Add Data Selection Rule

  4. Click on the Relational Exch. Rate Amount field.

    • In the Operator field select Not Equal
    • In the Value field enter 0
    Once finished, click Add


    The table will now filter out all records where Relational Exch. Rate Amount Not Equal to 0

  5. Deploy and execute the project.

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