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The appropriate versions of Microsoft .NET Framework must be installed (2.0, 3.5, and 4.5 or higher). These can be downloaded and installed via Microsoft Windows Update. If you don't have them installed, the Jet Reports installer will install it for you.

(NAV version 2009 R2 and earlier)

Before you can use Jet Reports with Dynamics NAV, you must have the following software installed.

  • The NAV Client with executable version 3.1 or later (NAV 2009 or 2009 R2 RTC users must also install the Classic Client)


  • Windows 7 SP1 or later

You must install a Dynamics NAV client and C/FRONT, which is included in later versions of the SDK. In early versions of C/FRONT, proper installation requires copying files from the NAV client directory to the C/FRONT directory. Follow the C/FRONT installation instructions for the version you are installing to make sure C/FRONT will work with Jet Reports. Ideally, you should use exactly the same version of C/FRONT as your NAV server and client software. Since NAV often releases minor version changes, the best way to insure you have the same version is to use the same CD for C/FRONT that you used to install the rest of your NAV software.

A Dynamics NAV License file that permits C/FRONT must be saved as FIN.FLF in the NAV Client program folder. This is the same folder in which you find Fin.EXE. You must copy the NAV License file to each workstation that will run Jet Reports. This is a requirement of C/FRONT, not the NAV Client so if you do not copy the license file to each machine, Jet Reports will not be able to connect to the database even if the NAV Client works perfectly.

If you want to use the drilldown feature of Jet Reports, you must be using version 3.01b or later of the NAV executables. If you use objects prior to version 3.01b you may need to update the drilldown forms as explained in "Updating NAV Drilldown Forms". To use drilldown, both Jet Reports and the NAV client must connect to a database server. Both the NAV and the SQL server options are supported. The drilldown feature is not compatible with local databases so if you try to use drilldown while connected to a local database, you may experience problems.

Review NAV Security

To use Jet Reports, a user must have cross company permissions to read the Company table, execute permission for C/FRONT, and read permission for the tables the user is allowed to include in reports.  Users with C/FRONT execute permission can see all fields in the tables to which they have been granted read permission.  Field level security is not available when a user is granted both read permission on a table and execute permission for C/FRONT.  It is very helpful to grant Jet Reports users the execute permission for Tools/Zoom so they can see all field values inside NAV.

Configuring NAV Security

If you do not have the appropriate permissions to read the Company table, you will receive the message, "You do not have permissions to read the company table in NAV..." when you try to test your connection in Jet Reports. To use Jet Reports, a user needs a role with no company defined that gives them read permission to the Company table. If a user does not have such a role assigned to them with no company defined, then you will need to create this role. The role must have read permission for both the Table and Table Data for the Company table. You must add this role with no Company defined for any user who needs to use Jet Reports. This will not grant any additional privileges to the user. In order to create this new role and assign it to users you must be a Super user.

NAV 2013 and later

Before you can use Jet Reports with NAV 2013 and higher, you must have the following software installed.

  • Excel 2007 or higher

  • Windows 7 SP1 or later


In addition, if accessing your NAV data using NAV Web Services:

  • NAV Web Services

  • Jet Reports' Business Objects for NAV

You must install Jet Reports' business objects and install and configure NAV's Web Services.  For more information, see our Configuring Jet Reports for Dynamics NAV 2013 article.

Dynamics GP and Universal Users

Before you can use Jet Reports with a Universal Connector, you must have the following software installed.

  • Excel 2007 or higher with the latest service packs

  • Windows 7 SP1 or later

  • The OLE or ODBC software for your database. Jet Reports will run faster using OLE drivers than ODBC drivers, so we recommend that you search for an OLE driver even if you already have an ODBC driver installed.  For database installations that use MS SQL Server (including Dynamics GP), your computer already has an OLE driver for MS SQL Server available

  • If you want to use Friendly Names or Jet Views in GP, someone with database administrator privileges should run the Jet GP Updater.exe program located by default in the C:\Program Files (x86)\JetReports\ folder

Review Dynamics GP Security

To use Jet Reports with Dynamics GP, a user needs a login to the GP database server with read permissions for both the company database(s) and the DYNAMICS database. GP can be configured in a number of different ways. In some cases, a user's login to the GP application may also be a valid login to the database server. In other cases, the application login may map to an entirely different database login or to a Windows login. Any GP user who needs to use Jet Reports will need to be given a login or have permissions assigned to their Windows login for their GP database server that includes read information for both the company database(s) and the DYNAMICS database.

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