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Using Jet Reports in a Shared Desktop Environment



Jet Reports can be installed and used in a variety of "shared desktop" environments including Citrix and Terminal Services (Remote Desktop).

In order to use Jet Reports in a shared environment, the following guidelines apply:

  • Publish the entire desktop (we do not support using Jet in a shared environment if the entire desktop is not published [i.e., "shared app"])
  • Jet Reports, Excel and your data source are all installed on the shared desktop (If you are using Jet Reports with NAV 4.0sp1 through 2009R2, the NAV Client and C/Front have to be installed on the shared desktop as well).
  • If you are using an OLE connector, you will need to have the OLE driver installed for your particular database.
  • If you are using ODBC, you need to have a data source configured in your ODBC Data Source Administrator, as well as the connection to that data source configured in Jet Reports.
  • Regardless of how you decide to configure Jet, the Excel options and Jet options are stored on a per-user basis. This means that each user will have to run "Enable Jet Add-In" from the Start Menu to get access to Jet. It also means that your database security will be maintained since each user's credentials are stored separately.

Note: Please be sure to install Jet Reports by following all recommended best practices for installing in a Remote Desktop environment (ensure that: no users are in Excel, you are in "install mode", etc.).

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