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Server-based Activation of Jet Reports

The information in this article applies to Jet Reports versions 2015 Update 1 and higher.


Server-based Activation allows Jet Reports to operate in environments where it was previously challenging for the user.


Without Server-Based Activation

The Jet Excel add-in (version 2013 and higher) must be activated before it can be utilized by the Excel user.

The user utilizes the Activation feature of the Jet add-in to send an activation code to Jet Reports.  Jet Reports then sends back the licensing authorization so that Jet add-in can operate.

Typically, this has required that the workstation with the Jet add-in have access to the internet so that the Jet add-in can communication with Jet Reports.

Server-Based Activation

A server running the Jet Service Tier can communicate with Jet Reports at any time via its Internet connection.

When Excel is started, the Jet add-in will contact the server, the server can then easily obtain the correct licensing information which it then sends back to the Jet add-in.

This can be configured in the Jet add-in at install time using the command-line installation settings.

The Jet add-in is quickly and automatically activated with no user interaction required.

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