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Database Caption Editor


The Database Caption Editor is used to edit language captions for tables, fields, and integer values in a database for any Jet Data Warehouse or Universal data source, and to edit friendly names for Dynamics GP data sources.

It is an Administrative tool installed with the Jet Excel add-in and is usually found in: C:\Program Files (x86)\JetReports\Jet.CaptionEditor.exe

Table and field captions (which are known as Friendly Names in Dynamics GP) are aliases that can be used in place of the actual table or field names.  This allows Jet users to design reports in the language of their choice.

Value captions can be used in Jet report to give aliases to integer values in a table.


  1. Choosing a Data Source and Language

    After opening the caption editor, you can select the data source for which to edit language captions with the drop-down list at the top of the window.  If you are editing the Friendly Names in a Dynamics GP data source, below the data source drop-down, you can select the company.  Below the data source and company drop-downs, there is another drop-down list which allows you to select the language or friendly name group for which you want to add captions.


  2. Creating/Editing Table and Field Captions

    After selecting a data source and language, you should see the list of tables for that data source.  You can create language captions for your chosen language for each table by clicking in the cell next to the table name and typing the caption you want to appear for that table.

    When you select a table, you should see a list of fields for that table in the grid immediately to the right of the table grid.  You can create language captions for field names by clicking the cell next to the field name and typing the caption you want to appear for that field in the chosen language.

  3. Creating/Editing Value Captions

    When you select an integer type field, you should see a list of value captions for that field in the grid to the right of the field grid.  You can edit an existing value caption by double-clicking the value or caption cell.  You can create a new value caption by clicking in the empty row at the bottom of the grid and typing an integer value or by selecting a value from the drop-down list and then typing the language caption that should appear for that value.  You can delete a value caption by clicking the row containing the caption and pressing the delete key.

  4. Saving Changes

    When you have finished editing captions, click the Save button.  This will save the captions in 4 tables within the database itself: JETFPG, JETTMAP, JETFMAP, and JETVMAP.  These tables will be created if they are not already present in the database.  Because the captions are stored in the database, any Jet user who uses this database will have access to the captions.

  5. Importing/Exporting Captions

    To export captions for the current data source, company, and language, click the "Export..." button.  If changes to the captions have been made, the captions will be saved prior to performing the export operation.  You will be prompted to choose a file to which to save the captions. Captions can be imported and exported in either XML or binary format.  It is recommended that unless you need the exported file to be human readable, you export in binary format since the file will be much smaller.

    You can import the captions from a file by clicking the "Import..." button and browsing to the exported file.  After importing captions, you must click the "Save" button to save the imported captions to the database.

  6. About Table and Field Captions and Friendly Names

    Table and field captions, which are known as friendly names in Dynamics GP, are captions that can be used in place of the actual table or field names.

    For example:

    A table may be named "Customers," but Spanish Jet Reports users want to see that table as "Clientes."

    In this case, a caption of "Clientes" could be added to the "Customers" table for the Spanish language.  Then if a user sets their "Language caption group" in the Jet Data Source Settings to Spanish, they will see "Clientes" instead of "Customers" in the Jet Reports user interface and they can use "Clientes" instead of "Customers" in Jet Reports functions.

  7. About Value Captions

    Value captions can be used in Jet Reports to give captions to certain integer values in a table.

    For example:

    Suppose a field named "Document Type" contained the values 1 or 2, with a value of 1 indicating that the record is a purchase order, and a value of 2 indicating that the record is a credit memo.

    You may want to display the text "Credit Memo" when the user returns the Document Type field or allow the user to filter for a field value of "Credit Memo," rather than forcing the user to know that a value of 2 indicates a credit memo.  In this case, you can add value captions of 1 for "Purchase Order" and 2 for "Credit Memo" to the "Document Type" field for the English language.


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