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Filter Ranges and Excel

Always enclose in quotes any ranges containing ".." that you type directly into a formula or into a parameter with the Excel function wizard.

Without quotes, Excel may interpret your range as a set of values from the worksheet.

For example, if you enter "49950..59950" (including the quotes), Excel will interpret the filter as a simple text string.  Without the quotes, 49950..59950 means all the values in rows 49950 through 59950.  Since each row has 16,384 cells, this is an array of over 163 MILLION cells.

In this example, if you omit the quotes, Excel will go into a very long calculation.  Usually the only way to stop this calculation is to end the process.  Consult your IT expert for instruction on how to end a process on your computer.


This functionality of Excel has nothing to do with Jet Reports.  However, Jet Reports users are more likely to accidentally enter a range that causes Excel to perform a long calculation because of the way ranges of values are entered using ".."

These range calculations are a basic feature of Excel and there is no way for the Jet Excel add-in to change this behavior.

If a formula references a cell that contains a range with ".." you do not need to type the quotes into the cell.  The quotes are only required when you put the range directly into a function parameter.

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