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How to Generate a Jet Reports Log File


When attempting to troubleshoot an issue you are having with a report - or if you are getting an error message - it can sometimes be helpful to have the Jet Excel add-in create a log file containing the details of everything the Jet Reports add-in is doing.

If you contact Jet Reports Technical Support, the support analyst may ask you to do just that.

To enable Jet Logging:

  1. Start Excel
  2. On the Jet ribbon or menu, under Settings, select App Settings
  3. Click on Logging
  4. Check the box for Enable Jet logging

    By default, the Jet add-in will create a log file in your My Documents folder with the name Jet Reports Log followed by the date and time that the file was created.  If you would like to have the file created in a different location or with a different file name...

    1. In the same tab under Application Settings, in the text box provided, specify the desired path name and file name for the log file.
    2. Click OK
After duplicating the steps that produced the error, check the log file to aid in troubleshooting.

Note: Logging can negatively impact report performance and produce very large files on your hard disk.  DO NOT leave this feature enabled all the time.  Once the log file has been created, disable Jet Logging by un-checking the box on the Logging tab of the Application Settings.
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