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Compile Error in Hidden Module: XlamJetFunctions

This article applies to Jet Reports and Jet Essentials

Issue :

The error "Compile Error in Hidden Module: XlamJetFunctions" or "Compile Error in Hidden Module: XlaJetFunctions" occurs when Jet is not properly registered on the machine or the current user does not have sufficient permissions to access the registered components.


Resolution :

If you are using Office 365 (or any version of Office that was installed using Microsoft's "Click to Run" installation method):

This a known issue which can result after a "Click to Run" update has been applied to Excel.

Please see the article Essentials becomes unusable after installing Office updates for more information.

Otherwise :


  1. Disable the Jet add-in either:
    1. through the Start/Windows Button --> Start | All Programs | Jet Essentials 20xx | Deactivate {or 'Disable Jet add-in'}]
    2. or following the steps for Manually Enabling / Disabling Jet Essentials
  2. Ensure that no Excel processes are currently running (Check the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager)
  3. Uninstall Jet  from the "Add/Remove Programs" {or "Programs and Features" } in the Control Panel
  4. Reinstall Jet ( NOTE: If you are installing Jet on Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, or Windows Server 2008/R2, be sure to install Jet by right-clicking the Jet setup file and selecting "Run as Administrator" even if you are currently logged in as an Administrator.)



- When installing Jet on Windows Vista, Windows 7/8, or Windows Server 2008/R2, it may also be necessary to enable the Jet add-in by right-clicking the Jet activation utility [Start | All Programs | Jet Essentials | Activate] and selecting "Run as Administrator "

- If you have other add-ins enabled in Excel, it may be necessary to temporarily disable all other add-ins prior to enabling the Jet add-in.

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