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Compile Error in Hidden Module: XlamJetFunctions

This information applies to Jet Reports versions 2018 and earlier


When starting Excel with the Jet Reports add-in installed, the following error is displayed:


Complete text of error message is:

Compile Error in Hidden Module: XlamJetFunctions



This error occurs when the Jet add-in is not properly registered on the machine or the current user does not have sufficient permissions to access the registered components.


If you are using and older version of the Jet add-in with Office 365 (or any version of Office that was installed using Microsoft's "Click to Run" installation method):

This is a known Excel issue which can result after a "Click to Run" update has been applied to Excel.

Please see the article Essentials becomes unusable after installing Office updates for more information.

  1. Disable the Jet add-in either:
  2. Ensure that no Excel processes are currently running (Check the Processes tab of the Windows Task Manager)
  3. Uninstall Jet  from the Programs and Features section in the Windows Control Panel
  4. Reinstall the Jet add-in by right-clicking the Jet setup file and selecting Run as Administrator, even if you are currently logged in as an Administrator.

It may also be necessary to enable the Jet add-in by navigating to the Jet Reports installation folder (typically: C:\Program Files (x86)\Jet Reports), right-clicking the Jet activation utility, and selecting Run as Administrator

If you have other add-ins enabled in Excel, it may be necessary to temporarily disable all other add-ins prior to enabling the Jet add-in.

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