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There are errors in the text conversion. Internal error: 47-1.


Error Message:

There are errors in the text conversion (text no. XXXX-X does not exist in the .stx file).  Internal error: 47-1.


This error occurs when NAV's fin.stx file is incompatible with the NAV database.  Typically this occurs when the database has been converted and then subsequently opened with a NAV client version that is older than the client used to perform the conversion.  The error message indicates that the database is looking for values in the fin.stx that do not exist.  Often times these missing values are option field values or field captions in virtual tables such as the Windows Language table.


Either replace the incompatible fin.stx file with the fin.stx file that is compatible with the database version or open the correct version of the NAV client.


You will need to find/replace the correct FIN.STX file.  The NAV utility reporting this error will be looking in the subfolder (of the NAV client folder) that corresponds to the system's regional settings.  Thus, if the system's regional settings are configured for "English (United States)" the fin.stx file being examined will be located in the ENU subfolder.

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