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Run Time Error 438 - Object Doesn't Support this Property or Method


When starting Excel 2003 with a supporting version of the Jet Excel add-in installed or attempting to run a Jet report, Visual Basic Run Time Error 438 can be displayed:


Complete text of error message is:

Run-time error '438:  Object doesn't support this property for method


This error is often caused by Excel 2003 "losing" or "corrupting" registry entries needed to access the the Jet Excel add-in.  This can be resolved by manually re-adding the Jet Excel add-in to Excel.

Resolution Process

  1. Start Excel

  2. Select Addins from the Tools menu

  3. Click the Browse button

  4. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Jetreports

  5. Select the Jetreports.xla file

  6. Click OK

    if you receive a prompt to overwrite, click Yes


The Jet Excel add-in should now be re-added.

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