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NF Field Not Found in Field Cache


If you create an NF function referencing an NL function with a field cache you may get the error Field '[field name]' not found in Field Cache or Field '[field name]' is not in the provided field cache

Complete text of error message is:

Field '[field name]' not found in the Field Cache


Field '[field name]' is not in the provided field cache


While the field in your NF() function may be present in the table, is not included in the list of fields being returned by the NL() function that your NF() function is referencing.

For more information, see Understanding Field Caches

Resolution Process

  1. Modify your NL() function by ensuring that it either returns all available fields [if you table has a primary key, this is accomplished by list *no* field name in your NL() function] or that it returns all fields (in a field cache) that you need to reference with your NF() functions:

    A Field Cache may appear in an NL() function in 2 forms, either a comma delimited list of fields inside curly brackets: { "field1", "field2", "field3" } or a range of cell references: $B$2:$G$2. 

    To add another field to the Field Cache, either add a comma and then the name of the field in quotes to the end of the list inside the curly brackets (in the first case) or extend the cell range and type the name of the field into the last cell (in the second case).

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