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Setting permissions on scheduled tasks

Requires Administrative Permissions

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In order to edit scheduled tasks on your computer, you will need permissions to the Windows Tasks folder and any files it contains.

Microsoft Windows provides the ICACLS utility to help you do this.

Setting Permissions

    1. In Windows 7 SP1 and higher, you can access the ICACLS command run from a Command Prompt with Administrator Rights.

      Find and then right-click CMD.EXE and choose Run as Administrator.


    2. Once the command prompt is open, navigate to the %SYSTEMROOT% directory (typically "C:\Windows") and run the ICACLS command with the following parameters:

       ICACLS “%SYSTEMROOT%\Tasks” /grant <Your Windows User Name>:f.


      This will give you full rights to the %SYSTEMROOT%\Tasks directory.


      If there are existing tasks in the folder that you need to edit, a system administrator can run this command line:

      ICACLS “%SYSTEMROOT%\Tasks\*.*” /grant <Your Windows User Name>:f


      This will give you full rights to the contents of the %SYSTEMROOT%\Tasks directory

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