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Error: Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed


When using the Jet Excel add-in with SQL Server 2012 or higher, and testing the connection to either a NAV SQL data source or a SQL data source, an "Provider cannot be found" message may be displayed.


Complete text of error message is:

Provider cannot be found.  It may not be properly installed.


This error is generally encountered when either:

  • the SQL Server Native Client driver (aka "provider") is not installed or
  • the driver installed on the computer is not fully compatible with the version of SQL Server that is being accessed.

Resolution Process

  1. SQL Server Clients are available directly from Microsoft.

    Here is a link to Microsoft's SQL Server 2012 Native Client QFE driver:

  2. Download and install the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Native Client QFE driver that is appropriate for your installation of Windows (X86 = 32-bit, X64 = 64-bit)

  3. Close and restart Excel and test your report(s) again.

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