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Combo Chart and Secondary Axis


The Jet Dashboard Builder (and Jet Web Portal) 2017 and higher supports a combination of charts with a secondary vertical axis on Cartesian charts (Column or Bar, Area, and Line charts).

Sometimes we want to include multiple measures on a single chart.  However, if the scales for those measure are vastly different (such as in the example of Sales Amount and Profit % ), the smaller measure can get lost:


Using a Combo Chart & Secondary Axis

By combining two Jet charts into one and adding a secondary vertical axis, you can show this data effectively.

Start by clicking the Option button on your chart:


If desired, on the Titles tab, adjust which axis labels you want to display and how you want them to read:


Next, move to the Chart Options tab and turn on the Secondary Axis for one of your measures.  If you want to use a different type of chart for that measure, you can make that change, too:


Once you click OK, you'll see your updated chart - now with the data you need:


Please note that because column charts and bar charts have their axes reversed, it is not possible to combine those two in a single Combo Chart.





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