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Adding a Microsoft Excel Data Source to the Jet Data Manager


Data sources contain the data that you want to retrieve and use for analysis. This article details the required steps to add an Excel file as a data source.

To use Excel files as a data source, you must ensure that the worksheet data is in list format. This means that the data must be set up in a database format consisting of one or more named columns.
Your license determines the number and type of data sources that you can connect to. A standard license permits a connection to one data source. Additional connectors can be purchased to permit the use of additional data sources.



Add Microsoft Excel Data Sources

1. In the Solution Explorer open the preferred business unit.


2. Right click on the Data Sources node then select Data Sources->Add Excel Data Source to display the Find Files or Folders dialog.



3. Navigate to and select the Excel file you want as data source, and then click OK .

4. Once added, right-click on your new data source entry and select 'Read objects from Data Source'
5. With your focus on the new Excel data source, you should now see the sheets within your Excel file listed in the right-hand pane. Each sheets fields that are selected will be treated as a separate table within your Staging database.
Once the required tables have been added in the Staging database, Deploy and Execute them. 
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