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Revert Project to a Prior Version


When using the Jet Data Manager, projects are saved automatically whenever an element of a project is deployed or manually when the user clicks the Save button.  Because of this, all projects are auto-archiving and have built in version control.  This article describes how to revert to an earlier version of a project in order to roll-back undesirable changes that were made.


  1. The user should first open the Jet Data Manager and click the Open Project button.


  2. The user should then select the desired project from the drop-down list and then click the Select Version button under the Version Description.


  3. This will bring up a window containing all archived versions of the project.  The user will then click on the desired version that they would like to roll back to and click OK


  4. The user would then click OK on the Open Project window to open the selected version of the project.


    It is important to note that before a prior version can be deployed and executed it must be manually saved as the latest version.  This can be done by clicking the Save button and then accepting the warning message that comes up informing the user that they are saving an older version as the latest version.  This is intended to avoid mistakes and accidentally saving an older version as the most recent version to be deployed.

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