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NAV Advanced Dimension Editor


The Advanced Dimension Editor for Dynamics NAV data sources allows users to quickly and easily incorporate any number of NAV Advanced Dimensions into their project. This functionality will automatically add the necessary tables, create links between tables, and add the dimensions to the OLAP cubes.

Note: The Advanced Dimension Editor will only work with a single data source. If multiple data sources are used in the project the additional dimensions will need to be added manually.

The Advanced Dimension Editor is not currently supported for Dynamics 365 Business Central Public Cloud data sources.


  1. To access the Advanced Dimension Editor the user will click on the Add-Ins button on the Tools ribbon:

  2. The user will then select the Advanced Dimension Editor from the list an click Run.

  3. On the Advanced Dimension Editor screen the user will be provided with a list of all of the cubes that are present in the project along with all of the Advanced Dimensions that exist in their NAV database. The user will simply check the boxes for the appropriate Advanced Dimension – Cube combinations and click Save.

  4. A results screen will then let the user know that everything was successfully added to the project.

  5. Once finished run a full manual deployment and execution for the changes to take effect.

  6. If a user wishes to remove a dimension that was previously added they can go back into the Advanced Dimension Editor and deselect any of the boxes representing dimensions that they wish to remove. A result window will confirm the removal of the dimension from the specified cube:

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