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Table Visualization in the Jet Data Manager


The existing Trace Up and Trace Down feature has been improved to give the user better results. As a result of this the feature now provides everything that would be expected for Data Lineage and Impact Analysis and the feature has been renamed accordingly.

The Data Lineage trace can answer the question about where the content of an object comes from all the way from the Cube or Data Warehouse down to the Data Source. This is primarily used to answer the question “Where do I come from?”


To use Data Lineage or Impact Analysis Trace, right click any traceable object and select Trace and then either Impact Analysis or Data Lineage .

Here is an example of a Data Lineage Trace on a Business Function measure:


The Impact Analysis trace can answer the question about where an object is being used – all the way from the data source to a data warehouse or a Cube. In other words: “Where do I go?”

Here is an example of an Impact Analysis Trace on a Staging Table:

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