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Using more than 10 filters in an NL() function

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Under typical usage, you can employ up to 10 filters in a single NL() function - e.g., NL("Rows") and NL("Table").  Occasionally, you may want to use more than 10.

You can use the FILTERS= special filter.


(note: this won't work)

=NL("Rows","Customer",," No .","10000..99999"," State ","CA"," Tax Area Code ","CA"," Statistics Group ","0", Tax Bus. Posting Group ","*", Tax Identification Group ","Legal Entity", Tax Liable ","False"," Territory Code ","*"," UPS Zone ","*"," Zip Code ","*"," Shipping Agent Code ","*"," Salesperson Code ","PS")




To accomplish this, you can use the special filter "FILTERS="

Here is what that looks like:

Using two columns, you list the Fields you want to use in the first column and the Values for those fields in the second column.  You then use "FILTERS=" in your NL() function and reference the range of cells containing your filters.

The list of filters MUST be in two columns.  Listing the filters in two rows will *not* work

This technique can be used in conjunction with other special filters, such as "LINK=":

Note that the Table Builder uses this method automatically:
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