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Using Partial Deployment in Multiple Environment Transfer

This Expert-Level process should only be attempted by experienced administrators
This information applies to Jet Analytics 2016 and higher


When using multiple environments, you can use the Multiple Environments feature of Jet Analytics to deploy only specific parts of a project in a different environment.


To perform a partial deployment to a different environment, follow the steps below.

  1. In the ribbon, on the Tools ribbon, click on Multiple Environment Transfer. The Multiple Environment Transfer window opens.

  2. Click the Transfer button to push the development project to the production environment.

  3. Right-click on the remote system folder icon and click on Partial Deployment.  The Remote Deployment Window opens.  This will allow the user to only deploy the desired objects in the production environment.

  4. Select only the objects you wish to deploy from the list of available objects and click on Deploy.

    Special care should be taken to deploy ALL REQUIRED OBJECTS. If you require assistance, contact Jet Global Technical Support

  5. While deployment is underway, the Partial Deploy window displays the deployment status.

    When deployment has finished, a window opens with a list of the deployment tasks completed.

    Select Show Time if you wish to see the start and end time for the deployment of individual steps.

    Close the window and then click Close again on the Multiple Environments Transfers window

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