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Error:The operation terminated unsuccessfully. OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Login failed for user "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK


When attempting to execute a project, the following error message may appear:



"Internal error: The operation terminated unsuccessfully.
OLE DB error: OLE DB or ODBC error: Login failed for user "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE".: 28000; Cannot open database "{database name}" requested by the login. The login failed: 42000

The user name may also appear as "DOMAIN\COMPUTERNAME$" in which cause a virtual service account is in use for the SQL Server Analysis Services Service"


This error occurs because proper permissions have not been set for the account that is running the Analysis Services service.  Ideally, this would be a managed service account, but may be "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE" or "NT Service\MSSQLServerOLAPService".


  1. Validate which account is running SQL Server Analysis Services.

    • This can be done by opening the Services (services.msc) application on the server
    • Locating the proper service for SSAS will reveal which account is in use.

    In the case above, this account is NT Service\MSSQLServerOLAPService which is a virtual service account

    Once the account has been identified, open SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and log onto the database engine.

  2. Expand the Security folder, and if the user running the service already exists, right click on the user outlined in the error message and click Properties. In the below example, the account selected was NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE .

  3. If the account does not already exist in SSMS, it needs to be added. Standard Windows authentication accounts can be added by right-clicking Logins>New Login... and then typing the fully qualified user name. If a virtual service account is in use, instead of using a Windows username, copy and paste the account directly into the user name box.

  4. Once the account has been created, click on the User Mapping page and in the Map column check the Data Warehouse database. In this example the database ProdNavDwh was chosen.

  5. In the "Database role membership for:" section, select the db_datareader permission.

  6. Click OK.

Re-enter the Jet Data Manager and attempt to execute the project again. The process should complete this time without errors.

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