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Error: Error creating enhancements! Connecting to the Integration Services service on the computer " " failed


When attempting to execute a project the following error message is displayed.


Excerpt text from error message:

Error creating enhancements!
Connecting to the Integration Services service on the computer "{server name}" failed with the following error message: "Access is denied."


This error is caused when SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) has not been installed on the server, or if the service is stopped.


  1. Verify if Integration Services is installed.

    Navigate to services from the start menu and look for SQL Server Integration Services.

  2. If the service is stopped, right click the service and click Properties.

    Ensure the Startup type: is set to Automatic and the service is Started.

  3. If the service is not installed. you will need to install Integration Services on the server.

    This can be accomplished by running the installation disk/media that was used during the initial installation.

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