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Error: "You do not have a license for the project"


When attempting to import a new project from the CubeStore, you get the following error:

Complete text of error message is:

You do not have a license for the project!


The projects to which you have access in the CubeStore are determined when the Jet Data Manager is activated.

It is possible to receive the error message below if the project has been added to the CubeStore after the date when the Jet Data Manager was last activated.

Resolution Process

To fix this error, take these steps to re-activate the Jet Data Manager.

  1. On the Tools tab, click License Information

  2. Click the Copy icon to copy your license to your computer's clipboard

  3. On the Tools tab, click the Activate Client option

  4. If the computer you are using has internet access, pick the first option ( Internet - I have a license code )

  5. Paste your activation code into the provided text box, and click Send

If your computer is behind a proxy, please see the section titled Activating the Jet Data Manager without an Internet Connection (Manual Activation) in the related article.

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