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Differences between Run and Run from Cache


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The two main options for running reports using the Jet Excel add-in are Run and Run from Cache.


There are subtle but important differences between these two options.

  1. Run 

    When selecting Run, the Jet Excel add-in will retrieve new/current data from the database.  This is the best option if you want the most up-to-date information.

  2. Run from Cache

    When selecting Run from Cache, the Jet Excel add-in will use cached information that was saved from the last time you ran the report within your current Excel session.  This means that the information will be returned quickly, but will not reflect any data that may have changed in the database since you previously ran the report (during your current Excel session).
During report generation, the result of each Jet function is saved in a cache.  If data has changed in your database and you select Run from Cache, the report will retrieve the values stored in the cache.  To see the updated values from your database, select Run (or clear the cache by closing Excel and then re-opening your report).
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