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AutoPilot Command Line Substitutions


The input and output directories can contain date and time tags that will be replaced with current date and time elements. The following tags are available.

Tag Result
%YEAR% Current year, four digits
%MONTH% Current month, two digits
%DAY% Current day of the month, two digits
%HOUR% Current hour, 2 digits, 24 hour clock
%MINUTE% Current minute, 2 digits
If you are using the command line substitutions listed above in a batch file, you will have to use %% instead of % on either side of the tag. The %% is necessary because %NAME% in a batch file is also used for substitution.

The date and time substitutions are based on the date and time that AutoPilot starts.

For example:

AutoPilot /M VALUES /I "C:\JetReports\MyFile.xlsx" /O "C:\JetReports\Output\%Year%-%Month%-%Day% %Hour%"

If the AutoPilot started at 10PM on July 23, 2019 the output directory from the above command line would be C:\JetReports\Output\2019-07-23 10.xlsx.

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