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NAV 2013 Authentication Types


Jet versions 2012 R2 (v12.5.13072) and higher support all four types of Dynamics NAV 2013 authentication:

  • Windows Authentication
  • Username Authentication
  • NAV User Password Authentication
  • Access Control Service Authentication

More information on NAV 2013 authentication types can be found on the Microsoft MSDN site .

Windows Authentication

This method is a very common method of NAV authentication and is the default for a Jet Essentials "Dynamics NAV 2013 and later..."  data source.

This method allows you to connect to NAV as the current Windows user.  No additional information is required.


Username Authentication

This method requires that the user provide a User name, Password, and Domain name.

The most common situation where this method is used is when NAV  is configured to use Windows Authentication but the connection to the Web Service is being done from a client computer where the Windows user information is different than is listed in NAV (such as when connecting to the Web Service from a computer not on your organization's domain).


NAV User Password Authentication

This method requires that the user provide a User name and Password.

This method is used when NAV is configured to use a specific user name and password rather than the Windows user information.


Access Control Service Authentication

Allows you to specify the NAV user whose credentials will be used to connect to NAV using an access control service.  The user name and web service access key must be specified.


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