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Sharing Data Sources with the Jet Excel add-in

This information applies to the Jet Reports version 2013 and higher


In order to ensure that everyone in an organization is using Jet Reports to access the same data from the same sources, it is very important to be able to share data source settings. This can be accomplished either through use of the Jet Service Tier or through exporting and importing settings.

More Information

  1. Jet Service Tier - Admin Guide

    The Jet Service Tier is a group of Windows programs (operating in the background) which enable communications between Jet Global applications (on users' computers) and the Jet Services Database (on a server).

    The following provide more in-depth information for the system administrator:

  2. Jet Service Tier - User Guide

    When the Jet Service Tier is deployed within an an organization, users can easily connect to their company databases without having to define data source connections on each individual computer.

    See how to Connect to the Jet Service Tier.

  3. Exporting and Importing Data Source Settings

    If you are setting up many workstations with the same Data Source settings, it can be an easy task to set up the first workstation, then export those settings and import them to all other workstations. 

    Exporting and Importing Settings

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