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Automatic Hidden Columns, Sheets and Rows


Sometimes, it can be very convenient to include information in your report, but not actually display it.


The NF function uses a record key (returned by the NL function with the blank Field parameter) to retrieve fields, but a record key itself does not display useful information so it may be useful to hide columns that contain record keys.



You can use the Hide keyword in Row 1 of any column you do not want displayed, or in column A of any row you do not want displayed. 


To automatically hide whole sheets, you can add +HideSheet to cell A1 of a worksheet. 


When you run the report, Jet Reports will hide the rows, columns, or sheets that you have specified.

Automatically hidden rows, columns, and sheets provide an easy way to hide calculations on the final report.  In Design Mode those rows, columns and sheets are visible so you can make changes to the report structure.

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