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How to Check the Version of C/Front

How to Check the Version of C/Front

It is important to make sure that you have the correct version of C/Front for the version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV that you are running.  To find out what version of C/Front you currently have installed, please follow this procedure:

1. Find the C/Front Program Files folder (i.e. "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\SDK\CFRONT" or "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision\SDK\CFRONT").

2. Locate the file “cfront.dll” or “cfront.ocx”.

3. Right click the file.

4. Select Properties.

5. Click the “Version” tab (Windows XP/Server 2003) or the "Details" (Windows Vista or later)

6. Note the “File Version:” or "Product Version" number

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