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How to Activate your Jet License



After purchasing Jet Reports, you will be sent an Activation Code.

This code looks something like this:   12ABCD34-56E7-890F-A1BC-234D567EF89A

There are several activation methods available to you:

Method 1 - Activate your Jet License During Installation

  1. Your Jet License can be activated during the installation process. Enter the activation code when prompted:

    This activation code will be stored on the system, and (assuming the correct activation code was entered) each user will be automatically activated using this activation code the first time the Jet Excel Add-In is enabled in Excel for that user.

Method 2 - Activate you Jet License Online

  1. If the Jet License is not activated during installation, it can be activated from the Jet ribbon within Excel.

    Select Activate Jet License from the Help button on the Jet ribbon

  2. Select the Activate Jet online option

  3. Paste of type your Activation Code in to the text box


    and click the Activate button.

    With Activation, Windows domain IDs are used to authenticate named designers and viewers.  A Jet designer or viewer can activate on more than one computer, so long as they use the same Windows domain ID on each.  Each Jet designer or viewer will need to enter their organization's activation code on each computer that they use.

Method 3 - Activate your Jet License via the Jet Service Tier

Your system administrator can choose to store your organization's Activation Code in a centralized database which can be accessed by the Jet Service Tier.  If this has been done, you can activate your license 

  1. Select Activate Jet License from the Help button on the Jet ribbon.

  2. Select the Activate via the Jet Service Tier option

  3. Enter the server name and port number:

    You may need to contact your system administrator to get this information.
    To learn about using Jet Service Tier activation without requiring user interaction, see the article on Server-Based Activation.

Method 4 - Activate your Jet License via Email

  1. Select Activate Jet License from the Help button on the Jet ribbon.

  2. Select the Activate via email option.

  3. Paste or type your Activation Code in the text box


    and then click Next.

  4. If you have an email account and an email client installed on the computer, select the Create email option

    This will create an email for that you can send to the Jet Licensing team.

    If you do NOT have access to email, you can deliver the information to someone who does. Select Copy message to clipboard...


     Paste the message into a text file:


    Give the text file to someone with email access and have that person paste the contents of the text file into an email and send it to

  5. The Jet Licensing Team will send back an activation email

  6. Copy the Activation Token text listed in the email.

  7. Start Excel and select Activate Jet License from the Help button on the Jet ribbon.

  8. Select Enter activation token

  9. Paste the activation token you copied from the email into the Jet License Activation window.


    and click Activate

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