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Create a Multi-Tenant NAV (Web Services) data source with Jet Reports

The information in this article applies to Jet Reports version 2015 Update 1 and higher


Jet Reports directly supports multi-tenant environments for Dynamics NAV.



Versions of Dynamics NAV 2013 and higher support multi-tenancy (where a single instance of the software runs on a server, serving multiple tenants).

If your organization has direct access to the SQL server on which the NAV Instance resides, you can use a faster SQL or Jet Remote Data Source connection to your NAV data.

If that is not possible, NAV's Web Services can be utilized to provide access to the NAV data.

Jet Administration Console

If your organization uses the Jet Service Tier to provide centralized data source settings to Jet Reports, you can use the Jet Administration Console to configure a connection to a multi-tenant NAV install.

  1. Create a new Dynamics NAV 2013 and later (Web Services) data source...


  2. In addition to the other settings in the Web Service section, configure the correct Tenant ID for the specific tenant you want this data source to access:


Jet Excel Add-in Data Source Settings

If your organization does not use the Jet Service Tier, you can still configure a Jet data source for use with multi-tenant NAV.

  1. Create a new "Dynamics NAV 2013 and later (Web Services)" data source...


  2. In addition to the other settings in the "Web Service" section, configure the correct "Tenant ID" for the specific tenant you want this data source to access:

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