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Mapped drives do not work in the Jet Scheduler


In many instances, using "mapped drives" (where a driver letter such as P:, R:, S:, etc. is assigned to a network location) will not work with scheduled tasks.

For example:

The drive letter "S:" may be mapped to a network location such as "\\server_name\folder_name"

When the scheduled task is run by the Windows Task Scheduler (WTS), the WTS may not know how to map the drive letter to that network location and you see an error similar to "The input path "S:\report_name.xlsx" is not a valid file or directory.


In the Jet Scheduler, instead of the driver letter, use the full path name.

So, for the above example:

Instead of this format Use this format
S:\report_name.xlsx \\server_name\folder_name\report_name.xlsx


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