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Error: Jet Could Not Verify Your License Status

This information applices to Dynamics NAV 2009R2 and earlier


When configuring a data source connection to Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 or earlier, you may receive the following error message:



Complete text of error message is:

Jet could note verify your license status for the following reason:

A Dynamics NAV license file could not be found in {filepath}.

Please check your data source settings.



In order for Jet Reports to connect to a database for NAV 2009 R2 or earlier, a copy of the NAV license must be placed in the NAV Client folder specified in your data source settings.


  1. Locate a current copy of your NAV license file.

    If you cannot locate a current copy of your Dynamics NAV license file, contact your Dynamics NAV partner to request a copy.
  2. Copy the Dynamics NAV license file into the Dynamics NAV Classic Client folder


  3. Rename the Dynamics NAV license file fin.flf

    The file must be called fin with an flf extension.


  4. In Jet Reports, navigate to your data source settings.  On the General tab, ensure you are pointing toward the correct Dynamics NAV Client Folder.


  5. On the Connection tab, enter the proper parameters.

    Server: Server where your Dynamics NAV database resides

    Database: The Dynamics NAV database you will be connecting to

    Net type: The network type being used in your environment

    Company: The default company in Dynamics NAV


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