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Error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: code


When connecting to your NAV data source (2013 or higher), an error message can be displayed stating

An unexpected error has occurred:
Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: code


This error can be caused by blank, empty or null values in the 'Code' field of the 'Dimension Value' table (table number 349).

Values are pulled directly from this table in order to query the dimension value.

If that value is blank, empty or null, you will receive the Argument Null Exception error.

Your NAV system administrator may need to examine your SQL database's $DimensionValue table(s) to fix any blank, empty, or null entries in the 'Code' field


dbo.CRONUS Mexico S_A_$Dimension Value

dbo.CRONUS Canada, Inc_$Dimension Value

dbo.CRONUS USA, Inc_$Dimension Value

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