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NAV Licensing Errors

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Sometimes, Dynamics NAV may experience an internal licensing issue when you attempt to access data using Jet Essentials.

Here are a few examples of messages you may see and how you or your system administrator can resolve them.


  • The country code in the license files does not correspond to the country code (US) in the STX file


    This issue requires examining three settings on your computer. See our Knowledgebase article for in-depth instructions.

  • Your program license does not permit more users to work simultaneously


    This error means that the total number of users allowed by your Dynamics NAV license has been reached. See more information here 

  • The Dynamics NAV license number could not be retrieved


    There may be a missing role in the SQL database.  A system administrator needs to verify that the table dbo.$ndo$srvproperty in the System Databases Master Tables contains the Public role with ' Select ' permissions. 

    If this role does not exist in this table with select permissions, choose Search Browse Public 

    Once the Public role is added, click on the check box for ' Select ' under the ' Grant ' column. 

  • A Dynamics NAV license file could not be found in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\MicrosoftDynamics NAV\CSIDE Client'


    For installations of Dynamics NAV 2009R2 and earlier, the NAV utility that handles communications between NAV and other applications requires that a copy of the NAV License file be present in the Client folder. 

    If also requires that the license file be named using the default name for a NAV license file: FIN.FLF 

    You will need to get a copy of your NAV license file, copy it to the NAV Client folder, and rename the file FIN.FLF 

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