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Dashboard Export/Import


Occasionally it can be convenient to take a dashboard you have created, and share it with someone else - a colleague, customer, or anyone else - who may not have access to the same data you used to build your dashboard, but does have similar Jet Analytics data of their own.

Using the Export feature in the Dashboard Builder, as a licensed designer, you can create a file which contains the definition of your dashboard.  You can then send that file to the another licensed designer who can then import that file using their Dashboard Builder.

Exporting a Dashboard

  1. From the Open Dashboard screen, select the dashboard(s) you wish to distribute, and press the Export button...

  2. You can then select where you would like to save the export file and what you would like to name that file...

    Note: if you accidentally select a file name that already exists, you will be asked if you want to replace the existing file:


  3. Once the file has been saved, you will see the confirmation message:


  4. Now you can send that file to someone else who can then import it using their Dashboard Builder.

Importing a Dashboard

  1. From the Open Dashboard screen, press the Import button...


  2. Next, find the file that contains the exported dashboard(s)...


  3. Once you click the Open button, you will see a list of the dashboards that are present in that file...

    Select the dashboard(s) you wish to import, select the name of the pre-defined Data Source you want to use with the dashboard(s), and click the Import button.

    The dashboard(s) will be imported...

Opening an Imported Dashboard

  1. The first time you open an imported dashboard with the Dashboard Builder, you will be asked to confirm the Data Source and Cube which contain the data you want to use with that dashboard...

  2. Once you have made any adjustments you want, click OK ...

  3. Click OK on the Success message, and the dashboard will be opened and ready for any modifications you wish to make.


    There are also pre-built Sample Dashboards available that you can import.

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