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How To Force Your Jet Hub to Resolve Through HTTPS


Once you've installed Jet Hub and it is operational, you might find that your users are having to type in 'https://' before the DNS (domain name) of your site.  For example, navigating to REPORTS.YOURNAME.COM might resolve in a screen similar to below (varying depending on IIS version).  

This is occurring because your browser is navigating to the 'HTTP' address by default as it was not told specifically otherwise. This article details out a method to force HTTPS resolution for any visits to the corresponding HTTP site.


  1. The first step in this process will require you to add the 'HTTP Redirects' component of IIS, or simply ensure it has been installed.  Please visit the following Microsoft KB article to get this component setup: IIS Configuration Reference: HTTP Redirects

  2. Once that installation has completed, open IIS Manager and click on your Default Web Site.  Locate the HTTP Redirect icon (as shown below) and double-click on it.

  3. Once you've opened up the HTTP Redirect component within IIS, you'll need to input your 'HTTPS' address into the redirect location, as shown below.

  4. Upon making the changes shown above, click on Apply from the right-hand Actions menu.  This is now complete, and your users will be able to navigate to your Jet Hub installation without the need to place 'HTTPS://' before the address.

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