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Pre-Installation Checklist for Jet Hub


To ensure a fast and successful deployment of Jet Hub, please review the content included in this checklist prior to your scheduled installation.

If you are using an release of Jet prior to version 2017, and you are using the Jet Configuration Service to share data sources among your users, the service and the users must be upgraded to the latest releases prior to installing Jet Hub.

Installed components

During this installation, we will be installing and configuring the following items:

  • Jet Service Tier and database
  • Jet Administration Console (recommended - required if using data sources not configurable within Jet Hub)
  • Jet Dashboard Builder (Optional)
  • Configure IIS to enable secure communication



  1. Obtain a valid SSL Certificate


    • If you wish to make access to Jet Hub available to users from outside of your domain or from mobile devices, the Certificate must be either a “Domain Validation” or “Wildcard Domain Validation” certification type
    • A “Self-Signed” certificate is sufficient if you do not intend to permit access to Jet Hub from outside of your domain.  Note that this will also restrict access from mobile devices.
    • If the Certificate is accompanied by a 'Certification Authority' file, keep this available.
    A 'Self-Signed' certificate can be used for the purposes of installation and trial/demo but is NOT recommended for use with production environments.
  2. Setup a Domain Name (DNS)


    • Domain needs to be covered by the SSL Certificate used above.
    • Typically, this will look something like '' or ''.
    • This Domain needs to be public facing and capable of resolving both internally and externally of your network.
    • Port 442 & 443 (or equivalent) on the IIS Server needs to be opened and visible outside of your network.
  3. Identify the server(s) that will be used


    • Name (or IPv4 address) of server that will be hosting SQL Server (and the name of the SQL Server instance if applicable)
    • Name (or IPv4 address) of server that will be hosting IIS (if different than the previous server)
    Different configurations exist for setup, but the recommended setup is for all components to be installed on the same machine. If Jet Hub is going to be publicly facing you may want to host the site from a different server for security reasons.  If the Jet Service Tier and SQL Server are going to be installed on separate machines (maximum of 2), extra steps will be required.


    The server(s) and user account(s) being used with Jet Hub MUST use: (1)Active Directory with Windows or Office 365 Authentication or (2) Azure Active Directory.
  4. Install prerequisite software and ensure machines are ready


    Please install the prerequisite software prior to scheduling an installation. The software listed below can take a significant amount of time to download and install.

    • Ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is installed and enabled.
    • Ensure that Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager is installed.
    • Check server(s) to see if Windows updates are pending that would require a restart.  If this is the case, please do this prior to the installation.
    • Ensure that you have at least one supported data source
    • (Jet Analytics Dashboards Only) Ensure that the Jet Analytics Cubes have been deployed and executed.
  5. Have an account with necessary permissions for the installation


    During installation, an account with the following permissions will be required.

    • Administrator rights on server(s).
    • Administrator rights for the SQL Server instance.
    • Administrator rights on the Domain controller.
    • Each Jet Hub user (for the Dashboard Builder and Jet Hub) must have access to the appropriate databases.
  6. Have the Jet Hub installation files downloaded


    The installer for Jet Hub is included in the Jet Reports installation file. This file is large (100MB+) and may take some time to download on your network. The version will be checked prior to installation and may require that the latest version be downloaded as part of the installation process. If you do not have a recent version of the installation media or are unable to locate the files, please obtain this file prior to installation from here: Jet Reports Installation Files.


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