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Sharing Jet Hub Reports

It can often be convenient to share a report with others.

The "one-version-of-a-report" nature of the Jet Hub makes this especially helpful by avoiding the concept of having multiple copies of a single report which reside on various computers.

Sharing a report with other Jet Hub users

  1. From the Reports section of the Jet Hub, right-click the report you wish to share and select Details.


  2. From the Sharing tab, click + User/Group from the action panel at the bottom of the window...


  3. From the list showing all users and/or groups who have been given access to the Jet Hub, check the box next to those with whom you would like to share your report, and then click the OK button.


    As a shortcut, you also have the option to Share with Everyone

Once complete, your report will now appear in the Reports section of all the users/groups you specified, and those users will be able to run and view the report.

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