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What's New in Jet Reports



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Jet Reports v20.4 includes new and
improved features!


Jet Budgets Performance Improvements 

The objective of this feature is to improve the user experience when using Jet Budgets by reducing the bottleneck situations that may cause a degradation of performance. The feature encompasses several enhancements and they respond to specific feedback from current users. 

Enhance Scheduler Task Editor 

This is the conclusion of the work started in release 20.3 to enhance the new Report Scheduler made available with release 20.2. The scheduler is used to schedule and automate the distribution of reports to selected recipients across the organization. 

Extend Jet Budget Security and Permissions 

This feature increases the options available to assign responsibilities over a give budget or work items of a budget. 

Enable Jet Budgets Read Only Users 

This release introduce the Budget Viewer. They are users given the ability to access a given budget and report on its numbers without the ability to add or modify anything. The budget viewers can run reports using the GL(JetBudget) function. These users will also have access to the Overview page of the budget.  


Administrators can edit existing users to give them this permission, even after they have been added the budget with a different role  


To assign a user as Viewer, there is a new checkbox in the menu listing the users assigned to a budget. 


GP Scalability 

Improved scalability in GP GL function with a segment or category filter that selected too many accounts could cause SQL Server to create a query plan. 

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