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What's New in Jet Reports

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Release Notes

Jet Reports 22.2 Build  22.2.22175.1

Release Date: June 27, 2022

Jet Add-In

Feature Updates

  • Updated the Business Central OnPrem language captions to align with Microsoft changes. (3220)

    Support for export of blob fields - NL("BinaryText") and NL("Picture") for Business Central Public Cloud. (1913, 3469)​

    Business Central Web Services data sources now filter on Extensible ENUMs. (3558, 3562, 3928)​

    The F&SCM connection will automatically refresh the user's token after an extended time period of no activity, eliminating the need to manually refresh the connection. (3344)​

    Jet Reports complies with BC Universal Code Initiative (3533)​

    Improved security of the Jet Scheduler by eliminating a potential keylogging activity vulnerability. (3740)​

Resolved Issues

  • Corrected an issue where in some cases users with a BC SaaS data source were receiving an error when the NL first references an NF function in its filter. (3166)​

    Corrected an issue where in some cases TableCaching would not return correct results. (1400)​

    Corrected an issue where in some cases Excel was crashing when a user attempted to drag and drop tables/fields from the Jet Browser. (2172, 3817)​

    Corrected an issue where customers received a drilldown error when using an NL Count function with an NL filter. (2926)​

    Corrected an issue where scheduled tasks created in the Excel scheduler would not run as a non-admin user, even if they had permission to run scheduled tasks. (3201)​

    Corrected an issue where in some cases UTC offset was being incorrectly applied to Time type fields. (3862)​

    Corrected an issue where in some cases Excel would crash and re-load when using the drop downs in the Report Wizard. (3878)​

Jet Hub

Feature Updates

  • Improved security related to IIS home page. (3514)​ 



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