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What's New in Jet Reports


What's New in 2019R2?

Jet Reports 2019 R2

includes several new and
improved features!

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Jet Browser Update

Continuing with efforts to bring all the Jet add-in features in line with a consistent look as well as providing intuitive and easy to use interactions, the interface for the Jet Browser tool has been updated. 

Updated Pivot Tables for OLAP Cubes

Jet 2019R2 includes an updated user interface for creating Pivot Tables from OLAP cubes.  This includes is a more consistent visual design and better navigation to walk you through creating and inserting your Pivot Table

OLAP Cubes in Azure Analysis Services

Another area updated in Jet 2019R2 is added support for OLAP cubes residing in Azure Analysis Services.

Business Central (on premises)

With Jet 2019R2, we continue to extend functionality to increasingly support more features and deployment options for Dynamics 365 Business Central.  We've now included support for on-premises Business Central installations.

Office 365 Authentication

Jet 2019R2 provides the ability to sign in to Jet Hub, as well as the Excel add-in, using Office 365 (or Azure Active Directory) account credentials.

MS Word Integration

Jet is excited to include integration with Microsoft Word in Jet 2019R2.  This new feature will give you a faster and easier way to generate Microsoft Word documents using Jet data.  A great time-saver for producing executive reports, financial statements, cover sheets, invoices, and billing statements.  No more cutting and pasting errors!

Account Statement Example



Income Statement Example

Jet Hub Redesign

Jet 2019R2 includes several requested improvements to the user interface of Jet Hub, which incorporate an intuitive design and improved navigation to make managing reports and folders more efficient. 
User Administration in Jet Hub In our effort to reduce the number of applications required to use and support Jet Reports, Jet 2019R2 adds the ability to create and manage users and groups directly in Jet Hub.
Data Source Administration in Jet Hub In addition to being able to administer user and groups within Jet Hub, Jet 2019R2 includes the ability to create and manage data sources in Jet Hub.
Jet Budgets Usability Improvements

Based on feedback, several interface and functionality improvements have been made to help Jet Budgets users get the most from their Budget process.

Copying a budget now includes e-mail reminders and the ability to add new dimensions.  Saving and submitting numbers for approval can now be done from Excel.  Formulas can now be saved when using Excel Online for data entry. Configuring reminders is now more intuitive, and zeros and blanks are no longer preserved in budget entries.   

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