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What's New in Jet Reports



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Jet Reports v20.5 includes new and
improved features!


Jet Reports

Enhanced query handling for Business Central 

Microsoft has implemented new API limits for Business Central customers to ensure that no single client can consume too many resources and become a "noisy neighbor." For Jet Reports users, this change could cause some larger queries to time out and return an error message.

To work with these new API limits, Version 20.5 introduces a query orchestrator to smooth out query requests, verify that results have been returned, and handle any timeouts and retries as necessary.  

The query orchestrator can identify longer queries that may time out, and it breaks these up into a series of smaller queries to run individually. It then smartly and seamlessly blends the results into a single dataset for display, so end-users can continue to refresh their reports without interruption.

Jet Reports

Support for Business Central multi-tenant environments

When customers deploy Business Central multi-tenant environments and define their credentials centrally, they can now select which tenant they want to authenticate against when using Jet Reports. This enables customers to:

  • Switch between tenants, so they arer no longer limited to the default tenant in which their central credentials were defined.
  • Switch between production environments, so they are no longer limited to their default environment.

Jet Budgets

Simplified set-up of budget security

Budget administrators can now add groups of users from Active Directory or Azure Active Directory, rather than adding users one at a time. When adding a group, users within that group are given the role of budget user, budget viewer, budget contributor or approver, or budget owner.

Jet Budgets

Streamlined navigation of budget lists

For organizations managing large numbers of budgets, Version 20.5 makes it faster and easier to navigate and search through lists of budgets. By adding pagination, users can select the number of results (budgets) shown per page and then easily navigate between pages. The existing search box, which makes it easy to search for a budget by name, now works in sync with the pagination function.


Jet Budgets

Faster rendering of content in the budget overview page

Performance enhancements in Version 20.5 speed up the rendering of content in the budget overview page.

Jet Hub

Updated branding

With Version 20.5, the look and feel of Jet Hub has been updated to use insightsoftware branding.

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