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What is the Jet Service Tier?


The Jet Service Tier is a group of Windows programs that enable communications between Jet applications (on users' computers) and the Jet Services Database (on a server). The Jet Service Tier operates in the background.

Jet Services Database

The Jet Services Database resides on a SQL server instance and stores information about:

  • Data source connection properties - which data sources are available, and their connection info.
  • Users - the names of Active Directory users and groups that are authorized to use Jet Reports.
  • User Permissions - which of the users have access to which of the data source settings.

This provides a centralized location from which individual users can access data source settings that have been defined and assigned to them by the system administrator using the Jet Administration Console.

Jet Administration Console

The Jet Administration Console is a user interface that makes it easy for administrators to create and manage the information in the Jet Services Database.

See the article on Using the Jet Administration Console for more information.

Installing the Jet Service Tier

System Administrators can refer to our article on Installing the Jet Service Tier for in-depth information regarding the service tier's components, prerequisites, installation, and the process for upgrading from earlier versions of Jet services.

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