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Running Reports in the Jet Hub


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Once you have uploaded a report to the Jet Hub, that report will then appear in the online Reports List...


Now, let's look at how to run the report and view the results

Running and Viewing your Report

    1. The Jet Hub features both an Action List (at the bottom of the Jet Hub) and context-sensitive menus (accessible by right-clicking on the item you want to use).

      Let's look at using the context-sensitive menus.

      Right-click on the report you want to view and select Run

    2. The status icon for that report will show that it is being refreshed...


      Once the report has been refreshed, the status icon will update, again.

    3. You can now open the report

    4. One of the most powerful features of the Jet Hub is that it allows you to run and view the report without needing to have the Jet Excel add-in - or even Excel - installed on your computer.

      If you have access to Excel Online, you can simply select that option, and view the report directly in your web browser.

      Anyone with whom the report has been shared can view the current results.  Licensed Designers and Viewers can refresh the report - all from within a supported web browser.

      Alternately, you can download a copy of the report to your computer and open it in Excel.  If you are licensed as a Jet Designer, once you have downloaded and opened the report, you can place the report in Design mode to edit it.

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