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Error: The Webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window


When attempting to open a report from within Jet Hub with OneDrive for Business using Internet Explorer, the following message can be displayed:

Complete text of error message is:

The webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window?


Internet Explorer's security settings are blocking the system access needed to open the report in OneDrive for Business.

The issue will occur when the user accesses Jet Hub using either:

The address localhost...

or only the short version of the server's name...

Recommended Solution

  1. By using the server's fully-qualified domain name (servername.domainname)...

    ... the system will be able to apply settings correctly and provide access to OneDrive for Business.

Alternate Solution

It is also possible to resolve this issue by:

  • using the server's IP address in the URL or
  • (not recommended) changing Internet Explorer's security options by deselecting the setting for Enable Protected Mode

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