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Web-Based Scheduling (Jet Hub)

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Using the Scheduler feature of the Jet Hub, you can easily set one or more of your Jet reports to run on a monthly, weekly, daily, or even more frequent basis and be distributed via email. 

Access anywhere – you can create and manage your scheduled tasks from any internet-connected device through a simple web browser. You no longer need to have Excel open on your local computer. 

Fast to configure – the web-based scheduler is very simple to configure – an admin can supply the SMTP settings and the configuration is done. The scheduler works 24/7 on the server – so there are no user permissions to configure on your local computer.

How-To Video

Scheduling Reports in the Jet Hub

Scheduling a Report

  1. After signing in to the Jet Hub, select Scheduler from the navigation bar:

  2. and select New Task from the menu at the bottom of the screen:

  3. On the Schedule tab of the New Scheduled Task screen...

  4. enter a descriptive name, and set the basic options for your task:

    In this example, we've scheduled the "Top Customers" task to run each Monday at 9:20pm
  5. Next, move to the Reports tab...

  6. and use the Add report... pull-down to select the specific report(s) you want this task to refresh:

  7. The selected report(s) will be listed and any associated default parameters will be shown under Report Options:

  8. If you wish to have the task automatically email the completed reports to one or more recipients, select the Email Distribution tab and enter the To addresses, Subject, and Body for this email:


  9. Click the Save button at the bottom of the screen...

    and your scheduled task is now ready:

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