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GL function drilldown with Dynamics GP

This article pertains to Jet Reports versions 2017 R2 (16.1) and higher.


With Jet Reports, many values returned by the GL() function for Dynamics GP are available for "drill down" so that you can view the underlying transactions that are reflected in the returned value.

How-To Video

Drilldown of the GL() Function with Dynamics GP
This video demonstrates Performing a drilldown on the GL() Function with Dynamics GP

How to perform a drilldown with the Jet Excel add-in

  1. Once you have refreshed your report...

    select a value for which you would like to see the underlying transactions, and then click either the Drilldown button on the Jet ribbon or the drilldown button that appears next to the value you have selected.

  2. Those transactions will then be retrieved from the Dynamics GP database and displayed in the Jet Drilldown grid:

  3. To drill down further in to a displayed transaction, select that transaction and then click the Drilldown button on the toolbar of the Drilldown grid.

    This will display the transactions underlying that value in a new tab within the Drilldown grid:

  4. If you want to perform additional analysis with the transactions, click the Export to Excel button on the toolbar.  Export to Excel gives you the option to export just the active drilldown tab or to export all the tabs in the current Drilldown grid.

    The exported data is displayed within one or more Excel worksheets...

    where you have all of Excel's tools at your disposal.

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