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Creating Report Options with the Jet Excel Add-in

This information applies to version 2017 R2 and higher


Adding Report Options to your report allows others to select specific filters to narrow down the information they want to view.  This is typically created to give the End User (Viewer) the ability to customize what they see without compromising the integrity of the data. It shows as a Pop-up when running a report.

Here we see a Report Options window allowing the viewer to specify one or more customers and a date range for the report:


The process is further aided by a Lookup window that allows the viewer to select the customer from a list.  This makes your reports more flexible and useful.


How-To Video

Creating Report Options

This video provides a step-by-step overview of Setting up a parameters for your reports


Report Options Design Tool

You can manually create the Report Options window using a selection of Jet functions or you can use the Report Options design tool included on the Jet ribbon.


This design tool helps you in defining and managing those user-changeable parameters you want in your report.

  1. Click the button and the Report Options definition dialog is displayed...


  2. Start entering the parameters for your report:


  3. to provide the Lookup list, click the ellipse in the Lookup column: 


    Then use the the displayed Jet Function Wizard to define exactly what you want to see in your lookup window.

    Here, we've specified to select the customer number from our database's customer table (and to also display customer names, so as to make it easier for the viewer to select the customers they want)


    Click OK when you are finished defining the Lookup function.

  4. And then specify the rest of your Report Options...


    When ready, click the Close button.

Your Report Options will be added to an Options sheet within your report:


Accessing Report Options within your Report

  1. When creating a report using the Jet Function Wizard (Jfx), you can reference your Report Options by using the Insert Report Option button in the Jfx window...


    In this example, we want to access our Report Option for Customer number and use that to filter a function returning a list of customers.

  2. Click the Insert Report Option button, choose from the available Report Options...


    and the Function Wizard will automatically insert the correct cell reference into the filter:


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