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Pre-Installation Checklist for the Jet Service Tier and Jet Administration Console

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To ensure a fast and successful deployment of the Jet Service Tier and Jet Administration Console, please review the content included in this checklist prior to your scheduled installation.

We recommend making note of the users and permissions currently configured in the Jet Administration Console for ease of re-configuring them after the new database is created.

System Requirements for the Jet Service Tier and Jet Administration Console:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or higher.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 2012 (installed automatically via ‘Jet Setup.exe’)
  • Microsoft ADOMD.NET 2005 (installed automatically via ‘Jet Setup.exe’)
  • Jet Service Tier: Windows Server 2008SP2-2019
  • Jet Administration Console: Windows 7 or higher.

Required Information:

  • System Administrator rights on the Microsoft SQL Server.
  • In order for installation to be completed, ‘Administrator’ credentials will need to be entered. A user with ‘Administrator’ rights will need to be available to enter those credentials.
  • A valid Jet license and activation code.
  • The server name or IP address of your Microsoft SQL Server.
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