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Import the Dynamics AX Adapter


The Dynamics AX Adapter allows the Jet Data Manager to read in required objects used by the Jet Data Manager that pertain to the metadata that is stored in Dynamics AX. The Dynamics AX Adapter must be imported and executed in order for the Jet Data Manager to properly synchronize with the Dynamics AX database.


During the installation, you will need to import our adapter objects into the Dynamics AX database. The Jet Enterprise AX Adapter object must first be downloaded with the Jet Enterprise software from the Jet Reports website here. The objects will reside in the .xpo file in the ZIP folder under 1 - JetEnterprise - REQUIRED. After downloading and extracting this software follow the steps below. In order to import these objects, you will need to access the following environments with "admin" permissions.

1)   Start AX and open the “Projects” window (CTRL+SHIFT+P)

2)  Click “Import” (CTRL+SHIFT+I)

3)  Click “Browse” and locate the Jet Enterprise AX Adapter v4.4.xpo file from the Download file.  (This is located within the Server Components folder)

  • Make sure that “Import with ID values” are unchecked.

4)  Click “OK” to start the import.  After the import, the project is compiled

  • The compiler output should show No Errors, No Warnings, No Best Practice Deviations and No Tasks
  • If it shows errors or warnings, recompile the project

5) Open the “Projects” window again(CTRL+SHIFT+P)

6) Locate the project called TimeXtenderAdapter_V44_<AX Version> and open.

7) Right click the first of the Classes and select “Open”

8) Click OK to run the class immediately.  

  • Note - some classes will take minutes to run

9) Repeat the previous two steps for the other three classes in the project

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